The Trini: Caramel Apple (22")-Co-Z Weft

The Trini: Caramel Apple (22")-Co-Z Weft


The Trini: Caramel Apple (Caramel Dimension)

Say hello to the newest member of our weft family!

Introducing - The Co-Z Weft. This weft is seamless. It is the best of Hand Tied and Machine Wefts. It lays flat against the head like a Hand Tied Weft & can be cut like Machine Weft.

Each package contains 1 piece. The weight is 120 grams. The extensions will last 6-9 months with proper care. Hair care instructions are provided with each extension order. Blonde extensions arrive more golden toned in the package, purple shampoo or tone for the best results.

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#2/8/2 Rooted Caramel Dimension, The ideal shade for any brunette that has a cooler toned balayage!