Let me tell ya a story:
Jan of last year Fiorella Marie and I went to a Beaded Row Extension class and learn extensions (won’t say the brand, but they market with 3 letters) we struggled understanding the method but practiced, then attending a popular brand in AZ ( it became a Habit to attend classes lol), then attending online training from another brand (Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself) and started really understanding hand tied extension methods... then in May 2018 it all changed. We attended a demo of Jessi Draper Gish class in Orlando and hand our minds blown. She taught us how to do her method, how to incorporate different types of hair to create a look and troubleshoot when we have issues... then she took the time to work with Fifi and I in perfecting the craft. By year end 2018, after just SIX MONTHS we had been seeing over 3 new clients a week and making about $20k in Extensions ALONE!!!! All from using her methods and training with our guests.
We happily hosting another Orlando class in Jan of this year and we got to meet the entire family and team in person. And each one was as helpful and nice as you have seen online. Just amazing people. Everyone was amazingly educated and answered every question asked.
Not only is the customer service OUTSTANDING, but the team has never left us wanting more. Her team has come thru for us in a pinch when we needed beads and string. The brushes are outstanding and when a client NEEDED the Rose Oil, they overnighted it without blinking an eye.

I tell you this story, bc with all the trainings and methods and products we have used The Team at Jzstyles Co is why we stay. They are why on every forum we shout their names from the rooftops, why I tag them on Insta as much as I can. I am so thrilled with the new idea of new products and wefts. I just want to let everyone know, not all businesses are run this way.
Thanks so much for starting this group where we can all have an open forum for talking about our fave products and troubleshooting and working as a team so every guest looks better than the next.
πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ love y’all