Let’s face it, there is no miracle product or pill that will “make” your hair grow faster. Hair grows at the same pace every month, and the condition and integrity of your hair is what determines whether you see growth or not. If your ends are dead or weak on the ends, your hair will continue to break off on the ends, even though it is growing. That’s why you see regrowth in your root area but see no progress in length. I have decided to team up with Bloom Hair to try out their hair vitamins! What I love about them is that they don't promise unrealistic results or miracle growth. But what they do promote is hair strength and shine, reduced thinning and healthier hair over all! These are the things we need to ensure we are seeing the growth our hair is giving us. Strong hair is happy hair! One of my biggest insecurities with my hair is my bang area, it’s a little more broken than I would like to admit due to years of bleaching. Starting today on October 1st I am going to be taking these vitamins twice daily and I will check back in at the end of the month to see if any progress was made! Just like we take vitamins for our health, or treat our skin with certain products to care for it, we also need to feed our hair with proteins to ensure that it stays as healthy as possible! You can check Bloom Hair out on Instagram here:

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