Certification Testimonials

“My entire business has changed since learning extensions! I’m making more than ever and get new extension clients frequently. I love JZ’s approach to doing extensions and their hair is amazing! My investment to get certified has paid off 100%!”

— Harley Chapman - Arizona

“I have been wanting to take a JZ extension method class since I found out about them. There were no classes in my area or close to me so I ended up taking an extension class from another company. Long story short I didn’t feel comfortable with that method and was super bummed because I didn’t want to offer the method/hair to my clients if I didn’t back it. Flash forward a couple months there was a JZ certification class SO close to me and I knew I had to take it and I’m SO happy I did. This was probably the best class of any kind that I’ve ever taken. Jessi and her entire team are so so nice and helpful, the information is clear to understand and also all of the methods are so well put together and easy to understand. They have every step starting from consultation to installing the hair down perfectly. You really leave the class feeling so confident in what you’ve learned. I’ve never felt so comfortable doing extensions before and I can’t wait to be able to offer this amazing brand of hair and extensions to my clients ”

— Kara Seman

“Taking the JZ extension class in San Diego was the best decision i ever made for my career as a hairstylist. Not to mention Jessi and the team were so nice and helpful, I wanted the class to be longer lol. I am the only one at my salon who offers extensions and I’m so excited to grow in that field. I’ve also had the beaded weft method in my own hair and i felt like a million bucks with that beautiful hair ”

— Kiara Motz

“Taking the certification with Jessi and her team last year was an absolute dream come true. They were so nice and patient with me! It also allowed me to reconnect with someone from hair school, who decided to take the class with me, and is now one of my greatest friends and inspiration. Being certified has completely changed my career as a stylist and has totally upped my confidence. The quality of the hair, products and customer service is second to none at JZ Styles. I would recommend their class to anyone looking to get into extensions! ”

— Liv Amend

“I took your class back in the beginning when you guys started your education I feel like almost 3 years ago. Absolutely Incredible with the amount detail you guys showed us while teaching. I loved being able to get asked questions and not feel silly with how you responded, I’ve traveled a handful of times and taken clases with different educators and some absolutely hate questions during the demos. You were allowed to go up close and See of how they do things. You guys were incredible. Loved the goodie bags you got. Once and a while I like to refresh myself with the diagrams. Super helpful! They are just as sweet on social as in real life too!”

— Kalin Aro

“I took the JZ extension class in Nashville and it was such a great experience. The team was so down to earth, the methods were easy to learn, and the hands on training was amazing. I immediately came back to the salon and was confident enough to offer extension services at full price, and it has completely changed my business.”

— Molly Ann Alexander

“I researched different extension methods and loved that JZ Styles has so many options to offer each client to really customize it to their specific needs. I took the class in Chicago and was very impressed. They were all so friendly and answered any question I had. They really explained each step thoroughly so that I understood it. I felt like a part of their family for the day and it was the best feeling ever. Thankful to have met new people and learn something new to offer my clients. I already have people wanting extensions and I cannot wait. Love being a part of this community!”

— Natalie Schlund

“Im freshly certified I just took the Chicago, IL class. I really wanted to get the most out of my extension training and I wanted someone who wasn’t just in it for the money. Jessi and her education team were honest we weren’t going to leave feeling like pros but they were determined to make sure everyone left feeling confident and with as much knowledge as possible about the methods! They were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience it was definitely worth the money!!”

— Ashley Seals-Williams

“The Extension Certification class exceeded all my expectations! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but it felt like hanging out with and learning from longtime friends. I appreciated how professional and down to earth the stylists were while lecturing during the first hour of class and their kind personalities came out even more during the small group portion. Stew was patient and incredible at explaining the process and differences in techniques. He did so well juggling our group and our different levels of experience with extensions. I was nervous making the initial investment but this class was a game changer and I’m so glad I did it! I’m so excited to bring this service back to my guests! I can’t wait to level up and go to an Un•seen class in the future.”

— Ella Bales

“I’ve taken two JZ extension training classes and both have exceeded my expectation in training and in hospitality. I felt comfortable and ready to do a full head of extensions after leaving and everyone there was so nice and helpful. They charge a fair price for education and are so nice to answer any follow up questions i have. Extensions have grown my business tremendously and I have Jessi & her team to thank for that. 10/10 would recommend.”

— Jordan Allred

“Man, where do I even start? I started watching Jessi YouTube videos when I was at the end of my cosmetology school days. I quickly became obsessed with all of the color & extension transformations she would do! Starting out she definitely helped me figure out how to do babylights & style hair!! I then finally took the leap & went to North Carolina October of 2019 to get certified in extensions! I have since signed up for Jessicated, bought her heating tools, combs, brushes, extension tools & continued watching her YouTube videos & have NEVER been disappointed! Anytime I have any questions Jessi & her team go out of their way to get you a quick response! I can’t imagine being certified by anyone else ”

— Kaylee Brooke Gibson

“I got certified at the beginning of the year in January & it has completely changed my career! I always knew I was interested in doing extensions, but fell IN LOVE when I learned the JZ method! I have had nothing but success with this method & the quality & pricing of the JZ hair is unmatched! My clients love that they are able to go online and look at the different colors of the extensions & the transparency with pricing. Learning one on one with the educators made me feel confident & comfortable asking any questions. I also love being a part of this Facebook group & always being able to get others opinions & watch the follow up videos if needed! Plus, everyone at JZ is so sweet & personable. I literally met my hair idol that I have been following since I was in hair school & it was such an amazing experience! ✨”

— Aundria Ann Marie Dimm

“A year ago in May I got out of my comfort zone and signed up for a Dallas extension class. It was the best decision of my career to date! I love the hospitality of this family and I can tell how much you all love what you do! I also LOVE how interactive you all are with our certified group we’re all in and you all continue to help us without question! Super thankful to have come across this company!”

— Leah Johnson

“I can’t say enough how much I’ve grown because of JZ’s education team. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and have been an extension artist for 10 of those 15. I found Jessi on YouTube over 3 years ago and have watched her grow from a passionate independent hairstylist to the amazing boss babe and educator she is today. I attended the VA Beach beaded weft class in July 2018 and just returned from the advanced unseen bead class in Arizona last month. I have learned SO much and have grown so much myself and I owe it all to JZ. I’m getting ready to open my own studio this month and I never thought that would happen. Jessi is truly an inspiration and my hair idol. The thing I love most about this team is not only the phenomenal education you receive from them, but how much they care about their craft and their students. Jessi is a top of the line educator and Stew is her perfect side kick. Her classes are fun and educational. I traveled from NY to AZ to take my second class with them and would do it again in a heartbeat. JZ Extensions are THE best I have found to work with both in methodology and quality of hair and I am so grateful and feel beyond blessed to be a part of this family. ”

— Tanya Marie

“I started out by taking the beauty school series classes when i felt like i wasn’t learning what i needed while in cos school and I learned so Much right away. Knowing that i wanted to specialize in extensions i decided that i needed to go for it and registered for the extensions certification and was certified before even graduating cos school. These have Best some of the best investment i have made and i plan on continuing to invest even more. Thank you to the jz family for sharing your knowledge ”

— Ashley Marie Hamby

“I am so impressed with my experience with JZ styles co. Freshly certified this weekend. I had a few personal hiccups come up when originally planning to attend back in January 2020. Jessi was incredibly accommodating and understanding. Phenomenal customer service. The class it’s self was is exactly what I was hoping for. It was very hands on, which is wonderful for us stylist. All the educators were so attentive. They really wanted to see everyone succeed in understanding the material taught. The videos before class were an awesome to go in to class feeling confident. I absolutely can not wait to start with guests! Thank you to the entire Styles family and team! ”

— Jacqueline Iris

“Discovering JZ styles on YouTube has forever changed my life. Even before they started their extension business-I learned the trendy “root smudge” from watching her videos & started doing it in the salon, soon after my co workers started asking questions and doing it. Fast forward to attending the extension training. I doubled my income that year. What I love most about JZ as a company is they are always evolving and coming out with new things. Also a huge thing that sticks out for me in choosing education is the faces behind the name are good people. They care so much about what they do & helping others. Forever a JZ ”

— Michaella Graham

“First off I had ordered JZ styles hair & tried it, Loved it ❤️so looked on the website saw she was offering classes at a reasonable price in lots of areas. Decided to go to Utah had never been and let me tell you it is amazingly Beautiful there !!! Got to have class right at Jessi’s salon. it was awesome ! Friendly family owned business very sweet,nice down to earth people! Loved the class Stew was our instructor did a fabulous job⭐️ well trained team , learned a lot ,was very impressed with it all ! Thx Jessi & family great meeting you all ! Keep sharing all your knowledge you are helping some any stylist become who they want to be ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️”

— Beth Ferman- Gabbard

“I just was at the Chicago class (Sept. 2020) and I can say I that it exceeded all my expectations ! The class format was engaging and so helpful ! Our educator for our small group was Stew and he really made sure to break things down and was quick to help with any questions. Also the availability of the Facebook group to refer to after class is so valuable! Highly recommended this extension certification and will be back for more classes !”

— Justine Marie Roe, Indiana

“I took the extension class in Orlando, Fl while I was still in cosmo school. Taking the class, gaining the knowledge, confidence and connections in the industry helped build me into the stylist I am today! Nearly two years licensed and some of my best “bread and butter” clients come from extensions! Everyone in the class was so kind and patient with me (even being so new to the industry; slow and clumsy)....the Facebook group & follow up education is consistently growing and expanding! Super thankful to be a part of this group!”

— Emily Canto

“I took the JZ Styles color class & extension certification in May of 2019. Both classes were amazing, but the extension class has majorly impacted my career. Being certified has changed my business for the better! I do at least 1-2 extension clients a week, and I truly feel like I was trained so well which is why I have so many extension clients. Every single client of mine is in love with their hair (I always order JZ Styles extensions as well). The class was not only super fun, but structured extremely well. The way we split up into groups made sure that each stylist had plenty of 1 on 1 attention. I not only learned so much, but Jessi and a couple other girls spent time to listen to me and answer any questions I had (not even questions about extensions, I was fan girling pretty hard). I literally do not have enough great things to say about my experience. It was worth every single penny and has made my business GROW! I can’t recommend them enough!❤️”

— Madeline Hooper

“I took the JZ extension class in april of 2019 and i’ve already more than doubled my income with adding extension services!! every educator at the class was so helpful and patient. the additional videos after the certification helped me A TON which i feel like you can’t find at a lot of other extension education classes. rewatching the videos/tutorials to practice made a world of a difference for me and i really feel like with the smaller class sizes, it was so easy to ask questions and really get the most out of my certification!”

— Kendra Pinaire

“I found JZ styles on Instagram. Not even a month after following her, i knew i had to take the class! I flew to Utah a few weeks later to get certified. Every minute of the class was educational and fun! I got to connect with stylists from all over the US, make lifetime friends, and learn from the best! I’m so happy i spent the money to be certified through JZ styles and can offer my clients more”

— Theresa Hastings

“I found Jessi’s Youtube channel about a year ago right when i graduated beauty school and her videos were so helpful because blondes and extensions is what I wanted to do with my license. After I found out she offered trainings, I knew I had to go. I took both her extension certification and the unseen class. They are super affordable as well which I liked because other classes I have looked into are a couple thousand. I also liked how they offered payment plans for them because it made it easier to be able to attend. They were really great classes, I felt like they were really informative and they were so helpful with any questions. I would definitely take more classes from them because I enjoyed the experience so much. I also loved how you could just talk to them and they were so friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend any of their classes to anyone because it will completely change your business and help you grow and make more money as a stylist!”

— McKaela van der Lee

“I found Jessi a few years ago on YouTube during cosmetology school when I was having confidence problems with highlights (and also hair in general). She has taught me techniques that have changed my whole career and made me a better stylist. I travelled to Houston to take the extension class in November of 2019, and Jessi and her team were phenomenal! I actually learned and understood everything, and they will make sure you are comfortable with what you learned. Adding extension services to my business has brought me so much more income and ideal, dream clients! Not to mention the feeling of seeing your client glowing with confidence with hair they never thought they could have. If you are thinking about taking the class, do it. You deserve it!”

— Betty Richey

“I took the extension training in LA! Jessi and her education team go above and beyond to make sure you get one on one attention. They really ensure that you understand the methods and feel comfortable to ask any questions. There is so much attention paid to the training! They make sure to answer all questions and go over how to be successful. Jessi went over not only the methods of extensions but the business side of extensions. It was a very comprehensive training! Jessi and her team make you feel like they’ve known you forever! Such an amazing extension training!! ❤️”

— Makinley Muir

“I first started watching Jessi on YouTube to learn more tips and tricks because I am still in cosmetology school. I saw that she offered hair extension certifications so I looked into it and got a ticket to one of her classes! It was amazing and everyone was so kind! They really take their time explaining everything. I had never touched hair extensions before I went so don’t be discouraged if you are just beginning!”

— Katie Mutter

“I thank God thank we decided to Take JZ Certified classes. We had the privilege to meet Jessi and her team. It was an amazing class and we learned so much, my Girls and I. The girls are getting ready to start cosmetology school, even though I have been teaching them, We all have learned soo much from Jessi and her team. You definitely don’t want to miss her classes, we learned soo much and she is such a great instructor, WELL worth it!!!!❤️”

— Lorie Jones

“During quarantine I had my hair extensions taken out that I had been wearing for awhile. I knew I wanted to try something different in my hair so I started researching. During my search I came across JZ Styles and I loved every picture and post I that I saw! So I ordered some hair to have put in and fell in love with the hair. I had problems with my hair tangling so bad with other companies and I haven’t experienced any issues yet! When I ordered the hair I also looked into the education classes and decided I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to go to Utah to get the experience in Jessi’s salon! Very happy I did. Loved my instructor Stu he was hilarious and very helpful. I left feeling super confident and ready to go! Definitely recommend going to one of their courses!! ♥️”

— Natalie Feller

“My bosses learned from you over two years ago and back then I was not a believer!! Until I saw the method and the hair... then it was game over. I used to be a hot heads girl. But that all changed when I heard of Jzstyles!!! I got certified in Nashville in January and my business is better and busier than ever!! There are plenty of stylist in our town that are not even certified through Jessi Ngatikaura but use her hair and that speaks volumes! I also love all of the styling products and clothes!!! I’m obsessed to say the least!!!”

— Courtney Kaye

“I’ve been following Jessi on YouTube and Instagram for quite some time now, and I’ve learned so much from her! Not only by improving my coloring techniques, but also marketing, pricing, building a clientele and so much more! As soon as I found out Jessi was teaching an extension certification in Chicago August 2019 (only 2 hours away from my small town in Michigan), I HAD to sign up. I was so happy to not only learn something new and gain a whole new clientele, but to bring something amazing to my town! I love seeing the instant confidence boost extensions give my clients!Jessi and her team teach very thoroughly and make the entire experience so fun! If you sign up for any class you will not be disappointed! Thank you to the entire JZ team!”

— Brooke Taylor

“I discovered Jessi on YouTube 3 years ago and fell in love. I took a class in Chicago for highlights and fell in love with the extensions after seeing the demo. This December I will be certified for two years now and I do not regret the decision at all! Everyone at the class was so friendly and so helpful any question you had they were there to help, and make you feel confident before leaving the class! I can’t wait to take more classes in the future! Online education with Jessi is also a very very good investment!! I don’t know where I would be today without JZ Styles Co! ❤️”

— Madison Coates

“I took the beaded Weft class in October of 2019 and have been in complete awe. I love the hair, the techniques I learned. Jessi and her team of educators were detailed oriented in every way. They were helpful, answered questioned. They remain supportive to those they have taught, and others. I just need them to come to ATL and tech un-seen to us...”

— Hannah Evans

“I was so impressed with how Jessi taught her class. We were encouraged to move in close, take pictures, ask questions. It was such a laid back atmosphere I felt completely at ease. She also had several other educators with her so that when we got to the hands on portion of the class I had someone right there with me to oversee and correct and mistakes. I left feeling very confident in what I had learned. They are also amazing with follow up after the class. I was certified in the fall of 2019 and I have seen a noticeable increase in my income over the past year”

— Allison Fant Helms

“I love the fact that Jessi Ngatikaura takes her time with every person that is asking a question in her training classes, and then she walks around and makes sure that you know what your doing and she makes sure that she answered your question to the fullest!”

— Pamela Teer

“I’ve been following JZ styles on YouTube since I started cosmo school in 2015 & have wanted to take a class for as long as I can remember! I finally got to take a class this year & the wait was well worth it!! I was seriously so star struck because every member of the JZ team is just as welcoming as you’d imagine them to be. The class was far beyond what I expected it to be; very educational but also each educator was very friendly & made me feel comfortable. Adding extensions to my service menu has brought me several new clients & i couldn’t be more grateful with my decision in taking a class from JZ After taking the class, I’ve grown to love everything about JZ Styles even more just from the atmosphere the team carries with them & the quality of everything that’s put out. ”

— Erika Caitlyn Hunt

“I came across Jessi’s YouTube account before I even went to cosmetology school, watching her videos made me fall in love with hair! So fast forward to cosmo school, I was about halfway through school when I finally made the investment to get JZ Certified and it has paid off 1000% I feel so confident and educated doing extensions now. ✨”

— Jade Elaine Jones

“I’m still currently in cosmetology school and I found Jessi/ Jz Styles through YouTube and always found the videos so helpful! I’ve learned so much from Jessi through YouTube that I knew when getting certified for extensions that there was no other place to get certified from. I’m from California and attended her Utah class in August and I was pretty nervous because it was my first class that I had attended + it was out of state but they were so friendly and helpful the whole time. Her group of educators are well trained and made the class go by so smoothly. Jenna was my educator in my small group and by the time the class was over I felt confident enough to be able to go install on a real person. I did my first install about a week later and it went by smoothly. Happy to have learned from the best!”

— Kiara Nowlin

“I took the JZ Styles extension class after being out of beauty school for 2 months. I had watched Jessi’s YouTube videos all through school, so when I saw she was coming to a town near me for a class, I knew I had to be there. I was so nervous because I’m a booth renter and it seemed like a lot to invest in at the time with being so new to the industry, but I’m sooo thankful that I did it and I would easily do it again! Total game changer for my business! Jessi and her team are the best teachers and they made it an experience I’ll always remember with skills that will stay with me forever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ✨”

— Lauryn Brianne

“I found Jz Styles on YouTube and could not stop watching! The education I got just from her YouTube channel helped me so much. In 2018 I took my first class and it was amazing! I shadowed Jessi as well for a day and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to take future classes as well. For now, I am loving the Jessi-cated series! The videos are all so informative and detailed! I also love that they share formulas and tools. 10/10 recommended ”

— Michaela Goodwin

“I took the extention certification class in Colorado, and it was everything I hoped for and more! They were so hands on and made sure we felt comfortable with every step! I can’t recommend this company enough. JZ hair is hands down the best quality I’ve ever worked with.”

— Nikki Wilmoth

“When I began searching for an extension method to become certified in and grow my business I reached out to and contacted three of the “big name” brands/methods but I didn’t connect with any of them until I contacted the JZ team. From the MOMENT I inquired about their method I felt a good vibe and didn’t feel like it was a skeezy. So many will take your money and give you instruction but never be there to follow up questions once you’re back in the salon. This is the complete opposite of Jessi and her team, not only do they go above and beyond to provide ethical hair, they also run their company and treat the stylists that become certified in the JZ methods like we are part of their team/crew. I’m so grateful for everything they have and continue to provide us with!”

— Hali McCord

“I started an assisting job in January fresh from school & most of the girls in my salon are JZ extension certified! They all talked so highly of the method & recommended me to take the course if I was interested in extensions. I had the opportunity to take the Denver class this year & let me tell you...BEST. DECISION. EVER. I learned so much & the JZ method just makes so much sense. The instructors were so helpful & willing to take time one on one to really explain any questions I had. Addie was the instructor for my group & she was awesome!! So helpful. The whole team was super friendly & I had the best time. Invest in yourself! You won’t regret it!”

— Darlene Nichole

“I’ve been wanting to attend a JZ extension class for forever! I was so happy to be able to finally take the class in Chicago. With COVID, our class had to be postponed a few weeks, but let me tell you it was WORTH IT. It was better than I could even imagine! Jessi was so kind and down to earth. She went over everything that is important to keep in mind when adding extensions to your menu of services, including pricing and how to handle waivers for your clients. Having the hands-on experience in small groups made it feel so much more personal! Questions were encouraged, and help was always readily offered when practicing the techniques myself (and believe me, I ask a lot of questions! lol). I felt so comfortable in this class and the entire experience was hands down the best! I feel confident and excited to start perfecting my technique and offering jz style extensions to my clients! ❤️”

— Allie Miller

“JZ Styles was the first place I looked to chase my dreams of being an extension specialist! After learning so much from Jessi’s YouTube alone, I knew meeting her in person would be an educational experience I didn’t want to pass up. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Her entire staff was so positive and encouraging the entire time! I was also so impressed with how engaged Jessi remained! As busy as she is, she still took the time to check on each and every student multiple times and complement our work! 10/10 would recommend!”

— Lauren Chapman

“I stated watching Jessi’s youtube years ago and have followed her growth and success with education, when she came out with the jz styles extensions I knew I had to get certified from her and her company. Ever since going to the class about a year and a half ago in New York, my experience with jz styles has been amazing! Any questions or concerns I’ve had have been answered quickly and officially their customer service is amazing and the community they have built is so awesome! Doing extensions has definitely added an incredible amount of additional income to my business and I’m so glad I choose to invest in myself with jz!”

— Alyssa Ashley Ames

“I first met jessi while she was out and about with friends! I then later won a shadow day with jessi at her beautiful salon. I learned so many useful tips and tricks that I still use in the salon to this day! I took the JZ extension class because I was feeling stuck in my career and wanted to set myself apart from other stylists in my small town. I’ve now been certified for almost 2 years and all I can say is wow. I have had nothing but success doing extensions and I feel like I have something special to offer to my clients- especially with the JZ method and now Jessicated! My clients can’t get enough of the quality of hair, not to mention the feeling you get when you see their faces when you turn them around in the chair! If you are thinking about taking an extension class, don’t walk, run! You will never look back and wish you had done it sooner! All I can say is thank you to Jessi, her amazing team, and everyone who is apart of the JZ family! You guys have truly changed me and my business forever and I am forever grateful.”

— Emily Jefferies

“I’ve been following Jessi and the JZ page for quite some time. I was always blown away but in the back of my mind I always wondered... are they just good at advertising/filters/“fluffing things up” or are they really the shiz in the bizz?? Well I can promise you after attending their salon/class in Utah in August I’m still so so so thankful I took the leap and went!!! Very educational, warm and relaxed group of people. You seriously feel right at home and somehow they made 6 hours of training fun!! I didn’t want to leave. If you’re on the fence about continuing education with Jessi or attending an extension class... stop overthinking and just DO IT!!!! ✨”

— Heather Nicole Short

“100% changed my business! I brag to every stylist about JZ, whether it’s for hair, videos or education. I’ve had multiple stylist message me through Instagram asking about if classes are worth it and I’m always like ABSOLUTELY YES!!!! My income doubled and I truly feel so happy going to work and transforming peoples confidence. The follow up videos make this such a difference experience than other companies. They truly want you to learn and grow and are always there to answer questions. Customer service is unbelievable and always so helpful!! The class was so hands on and you didn’t ever feel scared to ask a question. I left feeling like I could already put in someone’s extensions without feeling nervous. Would 100% recommend taking the class!”

— Rebecca Murphy

“I took their first 2 day Blonding & extension training class. Jessi & her team gave a plethora of knowledge on sectioning, foiling placement/technique, toning. I learned how to do amazing money pieces and root smudges! They were so hands on with teaching you everything they possibly know and it has advanced my career sooo much. Take the class, you won’t regret it!!!!”

— April Toles

“I took Jessis class in Orlando a couple years ago, and I highly recommend it to everyone! First off it was very informative, hands on. I left feeling confident and like I actually knew what I was doing. I was very skeptical because I’m from a small town where no one was getting extensions, but let me tell you I’ve weaved the city! My career has expanded so much since her classes, and since it’s been awhile and she has new tricks I’m definitely going to do another!”

— Randi Merwin

“Completely worth the investment!!!! Extensions are considered a complete luxury service in my small town and I easily made my investment back. I’ve now quit taking men and children clients to open my books for more extension installs only one year after being certified”

— Alexandra Giessler

“I took the beaded weft class back in February 2019! I love that they offer the updated and newer techniques through an amazing Facebook group! This company has helped me grow my business and I’m forever thankful ”

— Katy Marie Easley

“As a “veteran “ stylist since the 80’s I was a little hesitant only in my ability to gain new clients in this industry. BOY was I completely amazed in Jessi and Stew but the level of professionalism, the confidence boost and most importantly the training was FAR better than I could have hoped for... I left feeling like a 20 year old stylist again with much confidence and knowledge! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!”

— Jenn Boyd