The Brecka: Red Wine-Tape In

The Brecka: Red Wine-Tape In


The Brecka: Red Wine (Vibrant Red)

Each package contains 20 pieces. We provide 16 and 22 inch lengths. The weight for 16 inch bag is 46 grams. Each piece is 2.3 grams. The weight for 22 inch bag is 50 grams. Each piece is 2.5 grams. The extensions will last 6-9 months with proper care. Hair care instructions are provided with each extension order. We recommend 2-4 bags for a full head. 1 bag is ideal for just creating volume, not adding length. Blonde extensions arrive more golden toned in the package, purple shampoo or tone for the best results.

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#99J, Vibrant Red. We like to compare this color to 4RV in color lines, a bright red show stopper!