Stylist Discount

We are happy to announce we are now providing a stylist discount! To learn more, click here:

Where do we ship?

We ship to USA and Canada. We are currently looking to expand to other countries.

Where is JZ Styles in-store pickup shipping option?

We recommend dropping by JZ Styles salon to shop and pick-up your order.

When will I receive my order?

  • All Orders over $1,000 will require a signature to receive the package.

  • Orders that we receive before noon usually ship out that day

  • Orders received after noon usually ship out the next business day

  • USPS Express Mail orders, once fulfilled, take 2-3 business days

  • USPS Priority Mail orders, once fulfilled, take 3-5 business days

  • Orders placed on Saturday afternoon thru Sunday will not ship till Monday.

  • Orders placed on will receive two emails. 1st email is confirmation we received the order. 2nd email is when your order has been fulfilled

What are the major differences between Hand Tied and Machine Weft?

First, the high hair quality is the same for Hand Tied and Machine Wefts. The difference is in the manufacturing process.

Second, to learn more about the differences and how to install wefts consider JZ education.

Hand Tied Wefts

  • Hand tied are sewn by hand. Because of this extra work and detail, the hair is thinner and lays flatter on the head

  • Hand tied come in six or three (half) pieces

  • Hand tied come pre-cut. We recommend that you do NOT cut the hair.

  • Hand tied are 20 inches in length

Machine Wefts

  • Machine wefts are machine sewn. Because of this, the hair is thicker on the head

  • Machine wefts come in one piece

  • Machine wefts can be cut to fit the head

  • Machine wefts are 22 inches in length