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Here at JZ we’re big fans of foil work and all types of hair coloring techniques. No two heads are the same so you shouldn’t use the same size foil for every client! Some clients may even need different size foils in different areas to achieve the ideal result. That’s why we created the Wrap It Up Foil Collection! Two different sized foils, made perfectly for your every need. We created these aluminum foils to have the perfect texture, they are firm and sturdy yet flexible and have embossing on them for maximum grip and hold.

Pop Up Foils: Medium Size (500 sheets per box)

Let’s Bone 6” x 10.75”

Your Majesty 6” x 10.75”

Pre Cut Sheets: Small Size (500 sheets per box)

Made Of Money 5” x 8”


Shop the Collection to receive all 3! 

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