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Long Distance Blonding Comb

The ideal comb for any blonding service! The golden tail is a little longer than the traditional pin tail comb making it compatible with all hair lengths and types. This will be a comb you'll never want to put down! 

Long Term Relationship Ivory Comb

We all know that us artist’s can be picky about our tools. A lot of people prefer longer tails on their combs which is why we created this one! The Long Term Relationship comb is good for anyone and everything, but if you prefer a longer tail for certain things then this is a comb you’ll want to add to your collection! You can use this for coloring, foiling and extensions. You’ll never want to break up with this comb, we promise.

Ride Or Die Pink Comb

Ready to meet your new favorite comb?! We were so sick of having to reach for different combs for different things, so we created the perfect comb ideal for all! The Ride Or Die is ideal for highlighting, sectioning, extensions, you name it! The softest blush pink makes this comb the cutest one in your collection but we also made the tail extra long and pointed at the end so it’s super easy to use. It’s a sturdy material as well so you’ll never have to worry about this comb breaking on you!

Blending Black Comb 

This comb will help you easily blend through wet hair, root smudging and glossing! It will give you the perfect blend with your color melts! 

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